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Smarter Ways to Feast on Thanksgiving

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Can you believe it’s almost here?

I want to talk about nutrition and the holiday’s. Typically, it’s a time where friends and families gather together and celebrate with food. No harm in that, right? Or is there?

Let’s think about how you felt last Thanksgiving after leaving grandma’s house. Not sure about you, but I felt like was the one who was packed full of stuffing! ‘Stick a fork in her, she’s done!!’ This year, I’ve been practicing being more mindful of the foods I put into my body. There’s a few reasons for this. First, I’ve had high cholesterol since 2015 (booooo). Secondly, I made myself a goal to “get abs” in 2018. Third, I wanted to feel healthier. I want maximum energy and actually SEE results from all those workout programs I’ve been doing! I started the year doing a program called 80 Day Obsession, as I have mentioned in my Transformation Timelapse (check that out next if you haven’t yet). Following that strict meal plan got the abs heading in the right direction (Thank You, Autumn Calabrese!!). Following what is called timed nutrition is a total game changer!
–> If you are interested in 80 Day Obsession and learning about timed nutrition, follow my link to either FB or Insta & we will chat about it over there!!

Additionally, I also took part in following a nutrition only program (no exercise involved) that teaches you about forming healthier relationships with food. Are you shocked to hear that people and pets aren’t the only things you have relationships with? Binge eating or emotional eating ring a bell? With this program it is highly advised to drink a lot of water and eat LOTS of veggies. It guides you on when to eat what kind of carbs and healthy fats and why. Very helpful for working on those abs, afterall, abs are made in the kitchen!
–> for more information on this lovely nutrition program– scoot over to my social media and get ahold of me for the details! 

So, mindful eating during the holiday’s will help to keep you feeling less like grandma’s turkey and more like yourself. Here are some tips that I have learned in 2018: Drink plenty of water (actually, divide your current body weight by 2 and drink that amount in ounces of water..every day!), make sure you get in your veggies (fill your plate with veggies FIRST, then protein, then carbs), don’t tell yourself you can’t have the mashed potatoes (that’s like some kind of cruel and unusual punishment), and PLEASE, for the love of God, do not say No to pie…unless you have a legitimate health reason to do so. PSA, if you hate pie, I’m not sure we can be friends (kidding…I’m only kidding. Of course we are friends, you’re saving all the pie for ME).

One of my Thanksgiving dinner favorites has come to be green bean casserole. I never remember having it as a child, but my cousin made it one year when we were teenagers, at some kind of family gathering and I fell in love with it! Recently, I have been trying to incorporate more Paleo-style dishes into my meal plans (I had some really terrible stomach pain back in September that lasted about 2 weeks and seemed to have possibly been food related…or maybe I was actually dying. It was one of the two.) . Lucky for me, I found this recipe from Fed & Fit the other day, through Instagram (@fedandfit), and have been asked to make a green bean dish for this years family dinner! *happy dance!*
I will post an update on how this goes when I make it for Saturday. If you, too, would like to try a new recipe this Thanksgiving and I’ve peaked your interest, head over to http://fedandfit.com/paleo-green-bean-casserole/ and try it for yourself. The reviews on this dish have me drooling already. Can we please just appreciate the beauty of this dish?

**The below picture was taken from Fed & Fit’s website for a visual of this beautiful creation. I did not take or create this photo**


Just in the case that anyone is wondering, I have no affiliation to @fedandfit. I simply find her page inspiring and delightful, and I hope you do as well.

Thanks for hanging!

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